Peter was born in Toronto on February 19, 1922. He was employed in the Audit Department, City of Toronto and he enlisted on July, 1942. He was at #1 Manning Depot in Toronto; ITS at Victoriaville; #1 B & G School, at Jarvis; #9 AOS, St. John’s, PQ where he was awarded his Bomb Aimer Wing in July 1943.
He Died on January 10, 2002

He was posted to the UK and went on the “Queen Mary” to England and Bournemouth. Posted to #1 AFU, Wigtown, Scotland; #30 Operational Training Unit at Hixon, Staffs; #167 HCU, Santoft: #1 Lancaster Finishing School, Hemswell, and then posted to #100 Squadron, 1 Group, RAF Bomber Command at Waltham.  Crew Members on Ops; Clare Stuart, RCAF, Pilot; Roy Rix, RAF, Navigator; Peter Dunn, RAF WOP; Jack Insell, RCAF, MUG; Harry Prince, RAF, F/E; Steve Korwal, RCAF, Rear A/G; Peter Burnett, RCAF, B/A.

Peter returned to the Audit Department, City of Toronto from which he retired. He then worked as Court Registar in the District Court, Toronto, from 1980 - 1990.

Peter met Betty at a dance in Grimsby, England, they married and have raised four children, two boys, two girls.

Peter has been in the forefront of former Bomber Command veterans volunteering for the Bomber Harris Trust in the campaign against the TV program “The Valour and the Horror”.

Left to Right:Jack Insell;Steve Kowal;Roy Rix;Clark Stuart;Peter Burnett; Peter Dunne
                               MUG           RG                 Nav.            Pilot             BA                  WOP
                                                             #30 OTU Hixon, Staff, January, 1944.