Most Memorable Operations 1

Operations began on December 29, 1943 to Berlin, second dickie with F/O N. Morrison crew, (Later F/L DFC and a Canadian member of our group), a very exciting time for a sprog B/A 20 aircraft failed to return. Our first all crew effort was again Berlin on January 2, 1944 and 27 failed to return. Moved to Coningsby then off to Stettin, 16 failed to return. Next trip was Brunwik on January 14, 1944 and 38 failed to return. Then Berlin on January 20, 1944, 35 failed to return. (Our F/E was stood down for medical reasons and resumed ops flying in mid 1944 with 44 Squadron. F/S M. Pink F/E Brit with 44 and 43 failed to return. After leave off to Berlin and 43 failed to return, Next was Liepzig on February 19, 1944 and 78 failed to return. Then Stuttgart 9 failed to return. Then Schweinfurt on February 24, 1944 and 33 failed to return, and Stuttgart again on March 1, 1944 and 4 failed to return. On March 10/44 we bombed Chateauroux with no loss of aircaft.