Most Memorable Operations 2

This was #13 for the P.N. & B.A. A second dickie F/S Patterson was aboard. When about 150 miles from the target a night fighter attacked from below causing unknown damage and wounding the B/A. Later arriving at the target we found the bomb doors would not open, even manual efforts failed. Turning for home oxygen failure became apparent, the pilot reduced altitude. Further damage became evident in the loss of hydraulic pressure to the mid upper turret, auto pilot, trim control, electric wiring, W/T and R/T, flaps and brakes. Sighting RAF station Ford on the southcoast and receiving no response to our distress calls a landing was made without permission having no flaps, brakes and a full bomb load. As smoke began filling the kite we got out PDQ. The fire boys got into action and the ambulance took me away. Next morning the skipper related how they tore a strip off him for landing with bombs on board endangering the station and indicated decorations were

being considered. We both received immediate DFM’s and he his commission. I was sent to Rauceby Hospital in Sleaford Lincolnshire. The crew went back to the squadron and operations. Unfortunately F/O Schofield DFM F/S Withinshaw, F/S Golding, Sgt. Durkin and 3 replacements failed to return April 25/44 from Munich and now rest in Bad Tolz BWC near Munich. My return to the squadron on June 1/44 was at the request of the Hospital Authorities. However the W/C gave me leave until June 15/44.