Most Memorable Operations 3

On June 23/44 was assigned as replacement B/A to F/L Squibbs a sprog crew whose B/A an Aussie who failed to return from a second dickie trip. Again a Brit crew except for WO Lloyd Evans R/G. Squibbs was a 37 year old permanent force type who dropped two ranks to come on ops. A keen type who flew over enemy territory on auto pilot. Scared me so badly I flew with my parachute on, went on to bomb Pommerevl on June 24/44 and 22 failed to return, On June 27/44 went to Marquise and 3 failed to return. July 5/44 to Creil 4 failed to return. July 18/ Caen - 6 failed to return. On July 20/44 - Courtria - 9 failed to return. July 23/44 - Kiel - 4 failed to return. F/O Parker PG “S” R/G J. Broll from my original crew. July 24 - Donges - 3 failed to return. July 25/44 Stuttgart - 12 failed to return including PG “K”      W/C Maling, F/O Grant McRae B/A. July 28/44 Stuttgart 39 failed to return including W/O Patterson second dickie pilot on 15.03.44 Op. July30/44 Cahagnes.

July 30/44 Rilly-La-Montage F/L Reid VC 617Sqdn. failed to return. August 1/44 - Labreteque. August 2/44 Bois de Cassan. August 5/44 St. Leu-d’Esserent. August 6/44 - Bois-de-Cassan. August 7/44 Secqueville (#29). F/L Squibbs sent on Flight Commanders course and crew to go on leave. I was asked to replace F/O Parry B/A in F/O Ted O’Neill’s crew on August 11/44 to go to Givors, my 30th and their 13th. George McQueen let the cat out of the bag when we landed. Leave never felt so good. Was hospitalized after leave. S/L Squibbs failed to return Sept. 11/44 from Darmstadt and all lie in a comrades grave in Bad Tolz BWC near Munich. My tour was now complete.

I had been recommended for a commission in March/44 but action put on hold while I was hospitalized. Reopened in late July the warranting of my W/O 1 rank for 22.07.44 caused a back dating of commission to 24.06.44 . This made it possible to make Orderly Officer while waiting a new posting. After a two week stint received a short leave. On return was posted to Canadian Repat Depot and the Ile de France troop ship arriving in Lachine Quebec 15.11.44 then home on the 17th. Disembarkation leave until reporting to Trenton 16.01.45. On 13.0245 to Mountain View #6 B&G as instructor. Over staffed, sent on 24.03.45 to #4 Release Centre for discharge and transfer to Reserve GS Class E 02.04.44. So ended George’s sojourn in the R.C.A.F.