Post War

Returning to “Civie Street” was no problem, the CNR Carshops ensured a minimum of 3 years employment at the top rate for apprentices and the job was considered lifetime employment. Funny nobody mentioned a life time was 20 years. However the training received at the shops coupled with the training the RCAF provided the wherewithall to re-establish oneself after age of 35.

In the fall of 1960 obtained employment as a City Assessor in London. In 1965 moved to Ottawa as a Field Officer, Municipal Grants Division Dept. of Finance Gov’t of Canada. Discovered extensive travelling all over Canada did not provide an acceptable life style. Returned to London and assessment field, then onto Property managemet retiring as Director of Property and Assessments on September 30, 1988 and began a new life style.

On November 17, 1945 married Bette Jeanne Taylor in St. Davids Church, London. Raised three children Dereck, Julie, and Mark. Now enjoy three grandchildren, Jordon, Jennifer, Jonathon + 2 adopted children. Celebrated our 50th Anniversary on November 17, 1995 at the 427 Wing Clubrooms RCAFA.

After the war little time was spent on wartime recollections. However in 1984 decided to attend my first reunion since war’s end in Winnipeg “Commonwealth Wartime Aircrew Reunion”. There I met my first 619 ers since 1944. In 1985 went to England and the Brits 39th 619 Reunion and have attended the Brits 1986, 88, 89, 93 reunions. The Canadian Reunion came into place in 1988 at the CWA Reunion under the leadership of Ken Hickmott, Al Cuthbertson and yours truly. Further Canadian Reunions were held in 1990 in Burlington Ont., 1992 at Winnipeg, 1994 Richmond B.C, 1996 in Winnipeg, 1998 Edmonton, Alb., 2000 Toronto by then we will have covered Canada. So keep flying and stay with it.

.I believe in keeping fit and busy. Enjoy a good game of golf, euchre, bridge, snooker, dancing and meeting people. Motto “live to a 120, nobody can die at that age

Member of Bomber Command (Canada); 427 Wing RCAFA, Nanton Lancaster Society, Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum Inc.,Brandon Man., Victory 317 Brandon Legion, 619 Squadron, Canada & Briton, CARP, Royal London Military Institute.