Did 32 Ops - all over Germany - 8 daylight and 24 Nite Flights.
Feb 13/45 - Dresden - Fire Storm.
Mar16/45 - Nurenburg, Shot up by Ju88 - 3 cannon shells hit port wing - badly holed. Lost height 18,000 ft. pulled up at 2,000 ft. limped back to base.
Mar. 5/45 - conned over Chenmetz- went around again - holed many times by flack - counted 60 holes next day.
One nite doing circuit over base on return from ‘op’. Dove just in time to miss other a/c on collision course. He hit a/c behind us head on - Both a/c exploded and down in flames - many other incidents but these were the most memorable.
Mar 22/45 Hildesheim - 30th ‘op’ Got myself and “aiming point” - a Bomb Aimers Dream.
Apr 9/45 - Kiel - 32 “Op” helped sink the Pocket Battleship “Admiral Scheer” sistership to the Graf Spee.