Cam was born on July 11, 1917 at Cheam, Surrey, England. He was trained as an Electrician.
He enlisted in the RCAF on June 24, 1942 in Montreal, Canada. He did his ITS at Victoriaville:
#11 EFTS, Cap de la Madelaine; #6 SFTS at Dunnville, Ont. where he received his Pilot Wing on October 15, 1943.
He was posted overseas and landed at Bournemouth in November of 1943.

Posted to AFU at Perton, England; OTU Elgin, Scotland (Wellingtons); # 1658 HCU Riccall (Halifaxes).
He was posted to #158 RAF Squadron at Briflington, Yorkshire. His crew were: W. MacLeod (Nav.);
 R.Powell(B/A);Stan McDougall(A/G); K.Smith (A/G); S.Vernon (WOP); P.Griffin(F/E)

Memorable Experiences

Cam says that his first memorable experience occurred on his second trip as captain, a night raid on Koblenz. They had a heavy tailwind going through the target. His bomb-aimer informed him that the hadnít been sure of the aiming point, didnít release the bomb load and suggested going over again. Cam says ďLike a dummy, I didĒ --- but never again!!
He made numerous trips up and down the Ruhr Valley but recalls two particularly. On Feb. 13/45 he went to Bohlen, lost an engine on the way back but landed safely on three. Flight time: 8hrs. 40 min. The next day they went to Chemnitz. At what he thought was an altitude of 3,000 ft., crew members commented on how close they were to the trees and farm houses. It turned out that the navigator misread the chart showing the height of the land they were flying over - it was 1,000 metres not 1,000 ft.
By March 1945, Cam says that crews began to feel a bit over-confident about the hazards of flying over Germany but on March 3, they got a rude awakening. German night fighters infiltrated their stream on the return to the UK and had a field day shooting down aircraft returning to their bases. On approaching Lissett, they were diverted to Hawarden because of the danger of intruders. En route they found themselves flying in formation with a German night-fighter. He hadnít seen them so they decided not to draw his attention by firing at him. Upon approach Hawarden they were warned off but grudgingly given permission to land because of lack of fuel. Cam says that he approached faster than normal and as soon as he touched down, the lights were turned out leaving the crew hurtling down a blacked-out runway at 100 mph.

Cam left the RCAF at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
He spent his career in Sales.
Cam married Eva and they have one son, Ian.                    May 23/01