Roy was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland on September 18, 1917. He was a graduate of the Royal Belfast Academical Institution.He enlisted in the RAF in 1940 in Belfast. He did his training at Prestwick, Scotland; Little Rissington and Abingdon and was awarded his Pilot Wing in March 1941. He did his advanced training at Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

He was posted to 58 Squadron RAF at Linton-on-Ouse in Yorkshire. There he flew Whitleys but later transfered to 35 Squadron on Halifax I .
Most Memorable Operation.
July 7, 1941, target Frankfurt. Hit by flak over target - lost starboard outer engine and shortly after lost port inner. Kept flying until over Belgium, when other engines stopped. Too low to bail out (approx. 600 ft.) Crash landed, 2 injured, all survived. Captured and sent to Stalag 9C Muhlhausen; Stalag Luft 3, Sagan;
Stalag Luft 1, Barth.
Roy was released from the RAF in England. He returned to Belfast where he was a Sales Rep; Metro Goldwyn Pictures. He emigrated to Canada and was a Insurance Broker.
He married Janetta and they had two sons, John Terence and William John. They have two grandchildren.
May 29, 2001.

Roy’s first meeting with his son who was born when he was a prisoner.