Bill was born on December 31, 1920. He graduated from Mimico High School in 1940. He enlisted in the RCAF at Toronto in August, 1941. He was at #5 ITS, Belleville; #21 EFTS, Chatham, NB;
#8 SFTS Moncton, where he received his Pilot Wing in September 1942. Posted to #3 FIS Arnprior posted to #17 EFTS Stanley, NS; subsequently to #10 EFTS Pendelton, NS, then to #2 SFTS. In September 1943 posted to UK.

On arriving in UK he was posted to #20 AFU Kiddington; AFU Croughton, Northants: #24 OTU Long Marston
#1659 HCU, Topcliffe. Posted to #426 Squadron at Linton-on-Ouse, Yorks.
His crew on Ops: F. Willouby (Nav.); W.Earle(BA); R. MacGarva(WOP); L.Armstrong(MUG); A.Carlson(Rear AG) C.Freeman(FE).
Most Memorable Operation
With a tour of 36 ops. Bill has many memories, starting with one in October, 1944. “The target was Duisberg” he recalls, “and the squadron went there twice the same day. The first trip was a daylight and I was second dickie to F/O Mann, DFC, and I was petrified! We had on 1000 lb. HE hang up and couldn’t jettison it. F/O Mann made a rough landing and the bomb crashed through the bomb-bay doors and followed us down the runway ..... It was set at 72 hour delay. That night I was again second dickie ..... and I thought that the flak was very, very heavy.... it was reported as light to moderate!” On February 2, 1944 the target was Wanneickle. “ We were hit by flak on the way to the target and bombed a bit late. One of our Halifax’s gas tanks was hit and we lost all the fuel. After leaving the target, we were chased by a night fighter but managaed to evade him......Linton-on-Ouse never looked so good!!”
After returning to Canada, Bill served as Adjutant, #1 FIS Trenton - “best job I ever had”, followed by a stint at Comox, BC.
Bill was discharged at Toronto in August 1946.
Bill and Norma Herriott had attended Mimico High School and both served at Linton-on-Ouse (Norma as LAW). They were married in September, 1944.        May 29, 2001

Bill at the
Officer’s Mess Trenton