Andrew was born on October 21, 1912 in Denmark. He reveived his Senior Matriculation in Canada and he had two years university in the UK.
He enlisted in the RAF on November 27, 1939. His elementary training was done at Shrewsbury, Uxbridge, Hastings and Torquay.
His advanced training was done at Torquay, Hastings, Derby, Shrewsbury and Didcot.

He was posted to #218 (Gold Coast) Squadron, Bomber Command at Marham, Norfolk.
Most Memoragle Operation
Andrew cites the following: “On return from an operation to Brest, we ran out of fuel, landed at an RAF station in the south of England. On landing, we noticed a bump and the rear gunner said that we had run over something. We taxied to the hangar and reported the “bump”. A lorry was sent out to the runway, and when it came back, it was reported that we had dropped a LIVE bomb. Apparently, the bomb had cleared the doors over Brest ..... The “bump” we felt was when the rear-wheel ran over the bomb”.

( Andrew entered RAF military hospital in March 1941 and spent in total about twenty-three months in various hospitals for lung problems.)
Andrew was discharged from the RAF on October 27, 1941.
Andrew on his return to Canada in January of 1944 was employed by the Department of Finance. In June, 1947 he joined the Canadian Immigration Service and a year later was moved to Germany to interrogate and counsel prospective immigrants. He later opened the Canadian Immigration office in Scandinavia. During his foreign service career, he served in many parts of the world --- Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Jamaica,
Europe, Central America, and he retired from service in London, England.
Andrew had twins (boy and girl) with his first wife and is now married to Gloria.    June 01, 2001.