Tony was born on January 15, 1924 at Limerick, Erie. He completed Catholic High School in Montreal.
He joined the RCAF at Montreal in October, 1941. He was at Manning Pool in Brandon; ITS, Toronto; EFTS at Goderich; SFTS at Centralia where he received his Pilot Wing in the Fall of 1942.
He was posted to the UK in the fall of 1942 to Bournemouth. He did his OTU at Wellebourne Mountford and his HCU at Wombelton.
He was posted to 6 Group and served on Squadrons 415 and 431.
Tony completed 36 operations in Bomber Command. Tony recalls one when his aircraft was shot up by a JU88 over Kiel on the way to Berlin in February 15, 1944. Although the aircraft was moderately damaged, they completed the trip successfully.
Tony left the RCAF at Lachine in May, 1945.
Tony graduated from McGill University with a degree in Engineering
Tony was married to Mary Louise and they have four children, two boys and two girls.       July 7, 2001.