John was born in St. Catharines on March 15, 1923.
He enlisted in the RCAF at Hamilton in September 1942. He was posted to #6 ITS; #23 EFTS and then to #18 SFTS at Gimli, Manitoba and received his Pilot Wing in March 1944.
He was then postsed to #45 A.T. Group (RAF), Dorval, April 1944. He received advanced training at #313 FTU in North Bay.

John served on many stations: UK; Fr.Morocco; Algiers; Italy; Egypt; Iraq; India; Pakistan etc. He was with
#424 RCAF Squadron.
He was demobbed at Toronto in October of 1945. He received a B.A., Sc. U. of T. , MBA McMaster., P.Eng.
President of family company, involved in export finance.
Married to June(Taylor), daughters Lesley and Charlotte and son Taylor.

Most Memorable Experience

John was in a B-24, lost an engine out of Gander bound for Prestwick. With an overload of fuel, had to stooge for hours before landing. On a trans-Atlantic flight at night, had an aircraft pass in front at same altitude on a collision course. We missed.                               28/02/01