Most Memorable Operation
In retrospect, why did the powers-that-be keep five operational fighter squadrons on the west coast after 1942-3? Catch 22! I missed getting court-martialed by the skin of my teeth, due to the timely intervention  of C/O Bob Morrow, but I did get the order of the irremovable  digit
Bob was born in Ottawa on June 22, 1924 and attended Lisgar  Collegiate in Ottawa.

He enlisted in Ottawa, June 1942, Manning Depot at Lachine,  Que., Moncton, N.B., Belleville, Ste. Eugene, Uplands, Ottawa. Awarded Pilot Wings at SFTS Uplands in June, 1943 and posted to 132 Squadron going from  Harvards straight onto P- 40s . Served on #132 until it was disbanded then  posted to the UK, on several stations. Demobilized at Ottawa in the fall of  1945.

B.Sc.F., University on New Brunswick, 1950. M.F., Syracuse University, 1951. P.Mgr. Canadian Institute of Management , 1968. Working career largely in business, retired in April 1978.

Married Colleen, March 9, 1950 and have lived happily ever after. Two daughters.