Jack was born on September 14, 1919 in Barrie, Ontario where he received his Senior Matric and had a full time job with a food store.
In August, 1940 at Toronto he joined the RCAF. He did his Manning Depot at Toronto, then on to Guard Duty at Jarvis and back to Toronto for his ITS. He was then posted to #9 EFTS at
St. Catherines and finished his training at # 6 SFTS at Dunnville where he was awarde his Pilot Wing. Crossing the Atlantic in Convoy on Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Wolfe and seeing two torpedo strikes on one ship and almost simultaneously an adjacent merchant ship going up in one great explosion. Suddenly you realize this war was for real!!!
Posted to #3 PRC, Bournemouth and then to #61 Operational Training Unit at Heston.

He was posted to 403 Squadron, RCAF (Spitfires) and served at Debden, Martleshaw Heath, North Weal and

June 2, 1942, 403 Squadron, on a Fighter Sweep of the St. Omar area of France turned into attacking FW 190s. We were top squadron of the Norh Weald Wing at about 27,000. It is estimated there were about forty 190s.
Our losses consisted of F/L Darling, F/O J. Parr; P/O Hurst; P/O L. Somers; W/O D. Campbell and Sgt. N. Hunt.
F/S G. Aitken came down in the Channel and was picked up by British Air Sea Rescue. Seven Spitfires lost in this engagement and one which got back to base, categorized a “B”.

Prisoner of War Camps:Dulag Luft, Frankfurt; Stalag Luft III ( East Compound); Oflag 21B, Schubin, Poland then back to Stalag Luft III (East Compound); Stalag 3A, Luckenwalde, Germany.

Demobbed at Toronto in October, 1945.
Head Office Loblaws, Toronto and Convenience Store Chain for several years just prior to retirement.

Married November 1950, (Alice, still a beautiful girl) - Three children - Dave and twins Steve and Sharon. We count our blessings.