Frank was born at Toronto on April 24, 1920. He gained his Senior Matriculation and started working with General Steel Wares from 1937 till 1940.
In June, 1940 he enlisted in the RCAF at Toronto.
He did his Manning Depot at St. Hubert then #3 ITS at Victoriaville P.Q.; # 17 EFTS Stanley NS;
#8 SFTS at Moncton where he received his Pilot Wing in March, 1942.

He was posted to the UK in 1942 and then to South East Asia 1943 to 1944 and prior to that he was at #17 AFU Watton; #59 OTU Milfield, UK; #151 OTU Risaldur, India and the Air Fighting Training Unit, Amarda Rd. India.
He was posted to #261 Squadron and served on stations at Baigachi; Chittagong; Chiringa; Yelehanka; Khumbirgram; Wanging.
Frank recalls while attempting to avoid a mid-air collision with another squadron pilot in cloud, he stalled and spun a Hurricane Mk. IIC over mountainous terrain. With cloud base about 2000 ft. he emerged from the cloud fortunately in a valley. After recovering from the spin with very little room to spare, he flew around the valley to regain his composure, then headed to Chittagong, the squadron base, about 400 miles west. He said it was necessary to climb through heavy monsoon cloud and he finally emerged at 20.000 ft. and found that he had chosen the highest cumulo-nimbus in all of Burma!! Frank adds: “ Instrument flying in a fighter was not one of my favourite pastimes”.
He was released from the RCAF at Camp Borden in July 1945.
He took a management training course at U. of Western Ontario and spent 40 years with Continental Can Co. latterly as General Manager of Sales.
Frank is a widower with one son, two daughters and five grandchildren.                   March 15, 2001.