Ops included “window” flights, two or three aircraft for two or three hours dispersing metal chaff along main bomber routes to mask or screen bomber streams; radar and radio flights to search out enemy frequencies and sites: long-range flights from Lossiemouth to north of the Artic circle. On one of these ops, Tom says that they were alleged to have found a German pocket battleship in a Norwegian fjord.
Tom’s worst raid was to Brunswick on August 12/13. On leaving the target, the navigator gave a heading based on the met data which should have brought them east of Hamburg and Bremen. But the winds were reversed and they passed between these cities and were almost immediately coned. The rear turret was hit by cannon shell. shattering the perspex, skewing the guns and injuring the rear gunner. In an effort to stop the fighter and flak attacks, Tom says that he not only fired off the German colors of the day but all other available colors. This seemed to work temporarily but they were followed by a JU88 which the MUG was able to chase away. Tom says they left the Bremen area at mast height and got back safely although a petrol line was severed and both Pilot and WOP were injured as well as rear gunner. The crew realized, says Tom, that war really in hell but, also, that they had a pretty good crew.