Tom completed his tour of 29 1/2 ops in October 1944. He was then posted in January 1945 to Kastareet, Egypt for G.D. Administration becoming successively Adjutant #4 FTU, C/O #4 FTU and Adjutant, RAF Station Benghasi. This posting enabled Tom to explore some of the more exotic places in the Middle East - Lebanon, the Holy Land, Amman - in addition to enjoying a comparatively luxurios  life-style in Egypt. In 1946 a British Commission came to Cairo to meet King Farouk and his ministers....I ended up having a great week-end in the little palace between Heliopolis and Cairo as a guest of the Egyptain Government ... wined and dined and transported by Rolls Royce to picnics in Cairo parks. Very hard lines says Tom.
The beginning of the end of Tomís RAF career came when he returned to the Canal Zone to be a defence witness at a court martial. This led to a further appointment as defending officer for a corporal charged with the loss of six rifles. The out come of Tomís efforts was that the corporal was reprimanded but his C/O found to be responsible. Tom says that the verdict was rendered at 1500 hrs. and by 1800 hrs. he was on his way back to the UK.