First Operation: - The loss of innocence when you see your 1st target. Brunswick 12 January 1944.

Mine laying Gadynia Harbour Bay of Danzig. 9 April 1944

Moonlight night. The dropping point was from Hell Point. The view was spectacular. Had a look at it on the H2S, a copy of the view below. We coul see the wakes of the ships, they soon disappeard when they realized they were heading for a minefield.

We lost a crew with a Canadian pilot (F/L Dickie, RCAF). They were shot down over Denmark, which is the only land flown over. We were attacked by a JU88 on the way over the Baltic. He fired, missed and flew right over the top of us but did not turn round there was plenty more ahead

Gelsenkirken 12 June 1944.

At the time it seemed unbelievable. We were approaching what we thought was the target I looked up and just above us was a FW190, could see the exhaust ring of a radial engine. My remark was “Bloody Hell”. The MUG let strip and we dived. This was my 1st trip with P/O Jack Littlewood, my second pilot; I did my last 6 trips with Jack. When we recovered from the dive at 14,000 we found a TI and a view of the city which they told us was Aachen, no excuse we had aiming point photo of the TI and a view of the city which they told us was Aachen. The Littlewood crew was a makeup of 3 crews, survivors of previous crews that had been lost and needing to complete their tour. This crew had an amazing history. The Navigator was W/O Bruce Tovell RCAF, not certain Bruce may latter have been commissioned.

Bomber Ops 1