Rodney was born in Kenora, Ontario on May 24, 1924 and he enlisted in the RCAF at Winnipeg in November of 1942 while he was still in school.
Rodney was at Brandon, Saskatoon, Prince Albert and then back to Brandon were he received his Pilot’s Wings in January, 1944. Rod served as a flying instructor before transferring to the RNVR in January of 1945.

He was posted to O.T.U. at RNAS Henstridge (Seafire a/c), and joined as a fighter pilot in #883 Squadron at Nutts Corner, Northern Ireland, in January 1946.
About his flying experiences, Rod (true to the tradition of the Silent Service) says only “I was frequently terrified , largely self-inflicted”, returned to Canada in March of 1946 he stayed in the Navy (he was beginning to like gin) Did all the usual things - upper deck watch - keeping, flying fighters, helicopters, (commanded HU21, a helo training and utility squadron), ASW, qualified for command of surface vessel. Served in frigates, destroyers, carriers and ashore. LCdr. As Centennial project, got out in 1967.
He fell in love with aviation as a kid - models (still building them), flew about 70 types(about 50 of them light A/C), test pilot for EAA group (intial test flightson 7, survived all). Has flown about 11,500 hours. Bent two, one in a deck landing accident in as Seafire and the other a help in the Rockies when he ran out of airspeed, altitude and ideas, all at the same time. Owned and rebuilt a 1946 Bellanca which is now in the WCAM, YWG. Enjoyed ALMOST all the flight time.

Post-Service Career

After his service career. Rod went into personnel work, was personnel officer with the Coast Guard and for ten years worked as bargaining officer for sea-going officers in the Canadian Merchant Service Guild. He commenced working at Honey Do in 1982 no end in sight.