Al was born in Toronto on October 31, 1917.
He attended Humberside Collegiate and then worked for Maple Leaf Milling Company in Torronto and Hamilton.
He joined the RCAF in Toronto on June 1940 and did his Manning Depot at Toronto. Because of his height which was (6ft. 4 “), Al could not be accepted as Aircrew at that time.  He was sent to Trenton for training as a clerk and posted to RCAF Rockcliffe in 1941.(Test and Development Establishment - W/C T.R. Loudon, OC).

 In 1942 the height restrictions were changed to 6ft 3” and he was a permitted to remuster after attending night school courses at Rockcliffe. His medical records were altered to 6ft 3” by the MO. Al says that he was also far sighted and at risk of being turned down for aircrew but the friendly MO helped him pass the test and he was passed. Posted to ITS Bellville; EFTS St. Eugene, P.Q.; On Fleet Finch Mk.II ( I had an awful time folding my 6ft. 4”frame into a seat with a hood meant for 4ft. 6” pilots!) Service Flying School at #13 SFTS on Harvards.
He was awarded his Pilot Wing at St.Hubert in June 1943.
Al was posted to RCAF Station Trenton  (Instructors School). Posted to RCAF Rockcliffe - Refresher Squadron -
which Al says was a unique effort to retrain pilots who for any reason had lost their nerve in Canada or overseas. He adds that some good pilot trainees who failed school at SFTS were also assigned to this special squadron where Harvards, Ansons, Cessna Cranes, and Oxford aircraft were used. The school was closed in 1943. Al was posted to BCATP at #13 SFTS at St. Hubert as an instsructor on Harvards. From St.Hubert, he went to Camp Borden and then to North Battleford, Sask. To Standard Beam Approach course at Desoronto, Ontario where his instructor was the son of General McNaughton. Al returned to North Battleford to instruct in Standard Beam Approach. Posted to Calgary (Currie Barracks) when North Battleford was closed.

POST SERVICE: Extra-mural courses in business and BA studies at U. of T. and York. Served in management positions in Maple Leaf Milling Company, Ethyl Corporation, Ontario Government (Employment Standards Branch ) and as chairman, Manpower Adjustment Committees.

Married Minnie Jane Revell in 1941 and has one son, Leland Dwight and a daughter, Wendy Leigh.
March 22, 2001.