John was born on January 4, 1920 in Glasgow, Scotland. He received his matriculation, then joined the Royal Bank of Canada, Peterborough branch, as a junior at the sum of $400 per annum!
He enlisted in the RCAF in August 9, 1941 at Toronto. He was at #5 Manning Depot, Valcartier,
#3 ITS Vicoriaville, #4 EFTS Windor Mills, Quebec; #13 SFTS at St. Hubert, Quebec. Where he was awarded his Pilot Wing on April 27, 1942.

John states that he was on a total of 21 stations in Canada and the UK prior to joining his Squadron. He was a navigation instructor (flying) at #6 SFTS Dunnville from July 1942 - February 1944.
He received advanced training at #2 ANS Pennfield Ridge N.B.; #1 CNS Rivers; #8 OTU Dyce, Scotland; #8 OTU Haverford West, Wales; #34 WSU Hartford Bridge.
Stations served on During Ops: B90 Petit Brogel, Belgium; B 108 Rheine, Germany; B 116 Wunstorf, Germany;
B 154 Soltau, Germay; B 160 Copenhagen; B 156 Lunenberg, Germany; Dunsfold, England.
John was Flight Commander #400 Squadron doing high level/low level photographic reconnaissance attached to 2nd Tactical Air Force.
His most memorable operations, John says “nothing fit to print” and adds that he was never shot down - “shot at but missed!”. In an unarmed Spitfire, “we never picked a fight!”

John was demobbed on November 6, 1945 at Toronto.
He rejoined the Royal Bank in Peterborough. Served in various Canadian cities - Toronto, Montreal, Halifax,
Vancouver and Calgary. Also traveled internationally on behalf of the Bank. Retired in 1982 as an Executive Vice-president after a 45 year career, including war service.

John is married to Orma.                                         28/02/01