Warrant Officer Stanley Raymond Croft (632266) RAF, No. 500 Squadron

Warrant Officer Croft was rescued by Dutch fishermen after his aircraft had crashed in the North Sea in August 1940. He was taken to a small fishing village near Amsterdam where he was captured by the Germans. His first attempt to escape was from Stalag VIIIB in October 1941, when he exchanged identities with an army private and joined a working party at a factory at Ratibor. Warrant Officer Croft succeeded in leaving the factory but was recaptured shortly afterwards.
In February 1943, while at Stalag 1, he gained admission to the hospital at Neu-Brandenburgh on a pretext of having his tonsils removed and, disguised as a Serbian worker, made his escape. Warrant  Officer Croft made his way to Stettin by train and attempted to board a ship for Sweden but being unable to produce identity papers when challenged by a policeman, he was arrested. Although he received severe punishment for each of his attempts, Warrant Officer Croft persisted in his efforts and in August 1943 he and a companion cut the wire surrounding the camp and made their escape disguised as civilians. They reached Stralsund before being recaptured. Whilst serving 14 days in cells for this escape, he and a companion cut through the bars of the cell with hack-saw blades, but were captured as they were gettin through the perimeter wire. Warrant Officer Croft took part in many tunnel-digging operations, all without success. Also see item in book “Not All Glory”.
Prison Camps:
Dulag Luft, Frankfurt            Stalag Luft 1, Barth, 1940
Stalag VIIIB, Lamsdorf, 1941
Stalag Luft III, Sagan, 1942, then back to Stalag Luft 1, 1942 - 1943
Stalag Luft VI, Hydekrug, 1943 - 1944
Stalag Luft IV, 1944 - 1945.